Robot Interface slow response

  • We are using Fanuc's Robot Interface to read 3-5 system variables from our FANUC M-900iB/700 which is connected to a R30iB controller.

    In theory the Robot Interface should be able to send a response every 8ms, which we don't except. When we run our code on a simulation we get a response every ~17ms. As soon as we run the same code on our real robot, we receive a response every ~70ms.

    Is this normal? Has anyone similar response times? We connect our PC directly with the controller's top ethernet port. The ping responses are usually lower than 1.2ms.

    Is there anything we can do to reduce the latency? All we want to do is read a few system variables as fast as possible.


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  • Hi Daneel,

    Fanuc says one port should be used for multi-purpose (remote i-pendant, etc.) and the the other should be dedicated to fieldbus communication. Using the other ethernet port on the controller could improve response time.

    Moreover, you could check system variables $ENETMODE.$SPEED :

    0 = 10 Mbps

    1 = 100 Mbps

    2 = auto speed -> preferred setting

    Hope this helps

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