Input selecting program help YRC1000

  • Hi,

    I have 2 buttons that I want to use to select different programs

    When button A is pushed IN#0001 (IG#00010) lights up, wen button B is pressed IN#0002 (IG#00011) lights up

    The input does not stay on when the button is released. How can I use these inputs as my program selection in my master program?

    Edit 1: I was able to get the input to change B020 to either 1 or 2 with

    DIN B020 IG#(1)

    The issue is i dont want to have to hold the button. Once pressed I want B020 to change and stay at any time, not just if the button is pressed when command DIN B020 IG#(1) comes by.


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  • The best way to do this is edit the CIO. Take the input "A" 00010 and make it latch an input near the end like 02560. The unlatch would be the program is running output AND servo on, e-stop.... to reset the bit is something goes wrong. Then use this input in your program.


  • Editing CIO is not for people new to Yaskawa robots. Most times at a point in the CIO there will be a block move to cut down on the lines in the CIO. You may need to break out the CIO and change these lines to access more I/O to edit. You will also need the CIO book to get the coil numbers for e-stop, play...., but basically it's like this;


    OR X (New input number used based on your CIO)

    AND Estops

    AND servo is on

    AND play mode

    AND-NOT Y (an output you pulse at the start of the program you run with input 1)

    OUT X

    In your master job were it says IF INPUT 1 ... change to INPUT X

    With the above code, when input one comes on it is held on with the coil of the new input (X). In the job you call you need to pulse an output to reset the circuit (Y) and if something goes wrong (e-stop, teach...) it will also reset.

  • Thanks so much.

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