software simulation

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  • RoboDK's free version is a pretty good intro. I'd say use that for a while to decide if you want to pay for the licensed version.

    AFAIK, RDK is the cheapest simulator for most robot brands. It's not as fancy or feature-complete as, say, ProcessSimulate, but PS can cost $20000 per user per year, plus I've heard the initial purchase can run as high as $150000. No, that's not a typo.

    The major robot brands have their own in-house simulation software packs, but each one is brand-specific -- Fanuc RoboGuide only works for Fanucs, ABB RobotStudio only works for ABBs, etc. Cheaper than PS, but more limited.

  • RoboDk will also provide a trial license if you contact them.

    I was able to test a few of the advanced features out during that time.

    I would suggest to try and think of use cases before starting the trial, so that you can learn with a target goal in mind rather then just playing around.

    For example, i used my trial to test the 'Path Follow' feature to test a dispensing application.

  • Just thought I would add especially as you're new please do not expect/assume that all third party vendors can act as 100% substitute for specific OEM product learning.

    Whilst they can successfully be used for a variety of OEM Robots, they may not include specific features and functions that the OEM simulation applications provide which may include teach pendants, built in macros and specific settings and configurations for known applications.

    So I would always look into the OEM offerings, basic training and also OEM simulation training to provide a good grounding of fundamental understanding so that when using third party offerings, how they are producing, generating and implementing programs and coding are more understandable and improve troubleshooting when using in conjunction with the live OEM robot of choice.

    You could end up going down a path directed by the third party offering and missing out on some really useful features already provided by the OEM as default.

    As you can also appreciate, OEM's may steer clear of being able to support you technically if you contact them with issues where third party applications are being used instead and vice versa which leaves you in no mans land like:

    'Oh that is a problem with the xxxx vendor of the application, not our robot.'

    'Oh that is a problem with the robot vendor not our application.'

    Just food for thought, but I do like RoboDK and fully endorse this as good starter for 10.

    Plus you also have the advantage of Jeremy RoboDK being a resident here whom makes fantastic demo's and a dedicated board for RoboDK who's always available for some assistance..... :top:

  • I would recommend Visual Components 3D simulation software. It maintains numerous robot brands and offers huge number of educational materials (for free). They offer a 30-day demo license and a relatively flexible policy with licenses for different periods of time and usage.

    Of course, prices are similar to their competitors.

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