Boot disk for 2400L M98 Floor

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  • There are 2 different BaseWare for the M98 - BW3.1 and BW3.2.

    You CANNOT load BW3.1 if it previously had BW3.2.

    The BACKINFO.txt file will state which software it previously had under the Products_ID heading.

    Post the file if you're unsure.

  • You need a key disk for your M98 IRB2400L and a RW3.2 software package (10 disks).

    ABB used to make a key disk for a fee if you sent them a backup but not sure if they still do that.

    They used to provide a link to download the zipped RW3.2 software package.

    I do not have a key disk but you try searching the forum.

    You can use a RW3.1 or RW3.2 key disk, just make sure to use the RW3.2 software.

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