Position output via fieldbus

  • I have an application where we have a task capturing the current joint position and spitting it out over a socket message, where we use it for monitoring robot position. I've been asked to investigate what options we'd have if we chose to do this over a fieldbus. Currently what I think is available from ABB is EGM, which we've investigated but have some qualms about, and isn't over a standard industrial fieldbus. Does anyone know how this could be done over EIP or Profi? The only options I see right now for that is to dump robot position to group outputs and then interpret those. Any other ideas around?

  • AD
  • Ah, that's good to know. Right now our bottle neck is rapid program pulling the joint angles and mapping them, which EGM gets around, but has other downsides for us. I was having a fit getting group outputs to work the way I wanted them to, so analog is a good shout, anyway.

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