How to resolve "ERR 123-Not linked to a hardware input output"

  • Hello,

    I'm writing a VAL3 program for starting a filling process through HMI of our PLC and not with the teach pendent. I created an IO board and created a 32bit DIGITAL input and output and allocated the inputs and outputs using "diolink" . WHen i try to run the program on VAL3 it shows this error "ERR 123-Not linked to a hardware input output". I have used the same dio before in another code and it was working but now it's still showing this error however i try to change it. Can you tell me how this error can be resolved?

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  • Hi,

    If I check the SRS documentation, you must use diolink with signals that are already connected to physical IO :

    (Sorry, in french) :

    void dioLink(dio& diVariable, dio diSource)


    Cette instruction lie diVariable à l'entrée/sortie à laquelle diSource est lié.


    Cette application utilise un signal qui peut être configuré à l'aide de différents matériels. Le programme ci-dessous détermine quel matériel est installé afin d'initialiser la variable diSignal qui est utilisée ensuite dans le reste de l'application.

    If I understand, diolink is not used to link a dio signal to a physical link, but only to link dio signals between themselves.

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