workspace monitoring in safetyConfiguration(iiwa 7_R800)

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  • Hi wang,

    If you want to make safety configuration regarding 'space', you need 'Safe operation' software option.

    It seems you haven't activated it on StationSetup-software. If you don't have it on the list there, then you don't have it, and you'll need to purchase it from KUKA.

    Handguiding mode, you need an enabling device such as a Media flange with Touch option.

    If you have two buttons on your MediaFlange, you can set it to be used as handguiding enabling switch under KUKA PSM, [enabling device] I guess it should be on the second row, AMF1

  • Hi,Seulki, thank you very much for your reply, I have installed it but the result is failed. I have set in safetyConfiguration as attachment1, but the smartPAD had error as attachment2, why is this? I guess that my robot has run out of my cubic, actually robot is inside it, Do you know this? Thank you again.

  • I can't see the whole parameters of your space monitoring.

    You have to specify the origin(x,y,z,a,b,c) of your cube, and then length/width/height of it.

    Probably you've missed the last three dimensions.

    Plus, AMFs are acting as 'and' conditions. reaction occurs when all three AMFs are violated.

    and 'none' is always violated.

    Meaning, you need to select 'handguiding device active'(AMF2) if you wish to monitor the space(AMF1) only when using handguiding.

    Now, it means the space is monitored always except when you handguide.

  • I have understood your interpretation. When I set 'handguiding device active'(in AMF1), and set workspace monitoring (in AMF2), and the whole parameter is as the attachment, I found that smartPAD show normally, but the roboot can not be handGuided when the enabled switch is pressed , the robot is always standstill.

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