Custom HMI, START button

  • Hi!

    I'm creating a custom HMI screen to the TP. I have a dropdown list to select from the TP programs available. This sets the currently active program to the selected.

    Then I can run the program from the controllers CYCLE START button.

    Instead I want to control the start from the HMI screen, using KAREL, without OUP mapping. So I want the CYCLE START button on the HMI screen.

    Could the CONTINUE karel action work? This gives me a lot of errors at compilation.

    Is there any way in KAREL to just start the currently active program?

  • I found the solution...

    I have to use this KARAEL command:

    RUN_TASK( progName, 0, FALSE, FALSE, 1, STATUS )

    Hi, i am at the end of a robot integration. I have completed all of the points and am now at a stage where I want to bring all the controls away from the TP and controller and onto the HMI. Do you know where I could look for guidance? I have never done this. The only HMI programming i Have done is with PLC. I will be using a Allen Bradley for current project. I need to select recipes from HMI, cycle start, hold, terminate pallet.

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