• Greetings,

    I have KUKA KR210 KRC2 controller, in my project the products that I will pick differs.I am using WAGO Devicenet IO system with Digital I/O's.

    So, if I buy the WAGO analog input module and insert next to the digitals.Afterwards, making configuration in such as ANIN1=10,12,3 .

    Then using the value of the sensor, scaling and making it a variable.

    Can I use this kind of motion ?

    VAR1 = $ANIN[1] * 10
    LIN {X 0 + VAR1 , Y 0, Z 400, A 0, B 0, C 180, E1 0, E2 180} C_DIS

    So, It may be a rookie question but the way that I have planned like this.Do you think this is correct or any missing points?

  • AD
  • No. You can not use variables inside the curly brackets. You need to declare a variable beforehand and use it. Should look something like this:

    MYPOS = {X 0, Y 0, Z 400, A 0, B 0, C 180, E1 0, E2 180};
    MYPOS.X = $ANIN[1] * 10

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