Why a copied program from Robot B is not working on Robot A

  • I have two FANUC Robots M-710iC, (robot A and robot B) that do the same jobs but are a few distance from each other. Robot A and Robot B are set-up the same way and are almost exactly alike. These Robots picks a part and place them in two carts (Cart 1 left side of the robot, cart 2 right side of the robot) please see attached picture. in one of the jobs the robotS execute, Robot B will effectively picks up the part and place it, Robot A will pick up the part but can't place it instead it will crash into the carts when trying to place. I Found out the program that was suppose to run the job on Robot A was broken, I copied the program from Robot B and load it in Robot A. I ran this copied program on the TP of Robot A and found out at a particular line in the code (line 65, 70), Robot A still crashes into the carts even though I was running the program I copied from Robot B. Robot B never crashes into the carts on this same line. I re-touch this point (i.e line 65) several times, I get a verification that the point has been recorded, but anytime I re-ran the program, Robot A still crashes into the cart like I never re-touch the point. I can't continue to mimic the job I want from robot B to robot A because I am currently stuck at this point. Any suggestion will help.

    Below is the code starting from line 61 to 75;

    61:L PR[10:1MiniAbovePoint] 3000mm/sec CNT50 ;

    62: ;

    63: PR[12:1MiniNearPoint]=PR[13:1MiniNearReset] ;

    64: PR[12,1:1MiniNearPoint]=PR[12,1:1MiniNearPoint]+PR[1,1:OffsetX~Z] ;

    65:L PR[12:1MiniNearPoint] 1000mm/sec FINE ;

    66: ;

    67: ;

    68: PR[14:1MiniPlacePoint]=PR[15:1MiniPlaceReset] ;

    69: PR[14,1:1MiniPlacePoint]=PR[14,1:1MiniPlacePoint]+PR[1,1:OffsetX~Z] ;

    70:L PR[14:1MiniPlacePoint] 750mm/sec FINE ;

    71: ;

    There is an attachment to this thread, please check to see how Robot A and Robot B are located.

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  • Are you touching up Line 65 for PR[12]? If yes, then that is your problem. PR[12] is set to PR[13] in line 63 so it would overwrite your touch up. You need to touch up PR[13] and PR[15]

    If this is not what you are doing then I'm not sure what is happening.

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