FANUC Camera Noise, Hand mounted Camera

  • Hi!

    i use LR Mate 200iD Robot and R30iB mate plus controller, now I'm facing a Noise problem on the camera

    Is there anyone here who has an experience with Noise problems on the Fanuc camera? this noise makes the camera has an alarm.

    your solution for erasing noise will be really helpful for me :loudly_crying_face: :loudly_crying_face:

    thank you

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  • What is the alarm?

    Some things to consider regarding noise:

    • Is the camera cable ground clamp connected inside of the controller?
    • Is the arm itself grounded to the controller?
    • Is the camera electrically isolated from the rest of the arm?
    • Is the ferrite core installed on the cable inside of the controller?
    • Is the dressout of the robot not putting excessive strain on the camera cable?
    • Did you use the foam support when applying ty-wraps to the cable?
    • Is there appropriate strain relief at the cable connection and where it plugs into J3?

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  • Make sure the cable shielding is attached to ground at one end. You can also try to isolate the camera from and metal on the mounting plate.

    Also, try setting this variable $VISION_CFG.$ECCU_RETRY to a number greater than 1.

  • Hi, thank you for your reply.

    it is almost 2 days after I repair and do some improvements to the system, and the alarm is nothing.

    I do several things like the below.

    1. Grounding all systems, robots, controllers,s and also other electrical included in the system.

    2. Shielding all the cable and dispatch between the camera cable and another electrical cable

    3. make sure there is no cable in one role

    4. adding a ferrite core, I add 3 ferrite cores, 1 in the camera of the robot, 2 at the end of the J3 camera connector, and 3 in the Connector on the controller.

    5. Change the cable of the camera, with the new one.

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