RRS not working for ABB irb4600 mouted on irbt4004 external axes

  • i have facing issue in ABB-rapid rcs in process simulate for irb4600 mounted in irbt4004. In robot setup, I tried to load MOC file (from robot backup) in Machine data & I'm getting software error(-49). But without loading MOC file, I could able to initialize rrs for irb4600 & while running the robot simulates without external axes movement.

    Please help me to solve this issue

    1.Is the Software error (-49) indicates I don't have license for 7th axis irbt4004??. Also in robot properties I can't find irbt4004 in manipulator type list.

    2. If I have to modify .Cfg file , where it is located in server or local or backup??.& I should upload it in explicit data upload?? & what is the code I have to change in that?? Please help me ;(

  • AD

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