Building a concept idea.

  • I have recently come up with an idea of a device (very hush hush) haha. I was just wondering what would e the best way to try and put a value on building a working prototype. Speak to a large scale company or speak to people who enjoy this kind of thing as a hobby?

    This is not my main job and its more of a side thing pet project if you like. Want to take an idea I have and see if its even possible. Also see what sort of expense would be involved.

    Not gonna put my whole idea on this thread but more looking to see if anyone who possibly has a little workshop and takes on personal projects would be interested in talking it through. It would be a table top size design with some sorting and moving capabilities.

    Any advice would be greatly received. Cheers :)

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  • There are companies that specializes in developing prototypes and can work as sparring partners on product-ideas.

    Try looking for companies offering such services in your area. This is not cheap though, but first meeting is usually free, and will get you an idea on how viable/unique/valuable your idea is.

    The alternative, depending on the complexity of your idea, would be to try find a local Maker space in an area near you, most have equipment you can borrow, and some offer consultation for idea-development.

    Good luck.

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