Jump in main program

  • Hello,

    Need your help i.e. Whenever i turn the mode selection key in auto mode, any selected subprogram gets cancelled & robot directly jumps in main program, also speed override becomes 100%

    Override speed not creat any issue but i want to run any subprogram in auto mode separately.

    Please help... :) :saint:

  • IF you are asking about ABB IRC5 controls, see below. If not, as much correct data as can be supplied is helpful provided you are seeking info regarding ABB robots.

    It is suggested to consult the IRC5 Parameter manual regarding Auto Condition Reset

    Control Panel > Configuration > Topics > Controller > Auto Condition Reset > AllDebugSettings > Edit

    If Reset is set to YES then the following conditions are reset when switching to


    • The Program Pointer (PP) is set to Main module for all tasks if call chain does

    not originate from Main routine.

    • All tasks are enabled.

    • All stopped background tasks are started.

    • Simulation of all simulated I/O signals is removed.

    • Speed is set to 100%.

    • RAPID Spy is deactivated.

    If Reset is set to NO, then none of the above conditions are reset automatically.

    If a service routine is running and PP was manually moved to another routine

    before the service routine was called, then the above does not apply. Switching to

    auto will then be rejected.

  • In the control panel, configuration settings, controller topic, Auto condition reset, ALLDEBUGSETTINGS, set to NO. One must be careful when doing what you are asking. If someone does PPtoRoutine in which there is motion, it will move without any warning. That has the potential for danger to people, the robot and machinery.

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