Lock override speed in auto mode

  • Hello,

    I am using fanuc robot, Model-R2000i 165 F

    I want to lock the override speed at 95% in auto mode.

    1) Go to SYSTEM > Config. There you can set option "Allow chg.ovrd. in AUTO mode" to FALSE
    2) Go to SYSTEM > Config. Another option there is "Signal to set in AUTO mode" which allows you to activate a DO signal when robot starts in AUTO mode. Using this signal, you can create a background logic program that turns $GENOV_ENB system variable to false when the DO you defined is on.

    The more professional way to do this would be using the "Override Select function" from Menu > SETUP. There you can define a pair of DIs and based on their state, the system practically disables the override buttons and sets the override speed defined in the setup. Then, you manipulate override signals from your PLC (ex. set DIs to true when pressing "CYCLE START" command)

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