Editing a instruction on teach pendant

  • Hello everyone.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to edit a instruction on the teach pendant of an RX130(CS8)?

    There's some changes I need to make to an application but all i've been doing so far is copying/pasting the instructions, make the changes on the new ones(which appear as editable) and delete the older ones.

    Is there not an edit button? Can't find it


    Best regards

  • You can edit and modify your programm directly on the SP1.

    - Make a backup

    - Menu/Application Manager/Val3 application/...your application.../Programs/...you program...

    - Edit

    Don't save before to test you modification...

  • That part I’ve got so far. The thing is, after I’m inside the program and I’m with the cursor over an instruction , there is no edit button to edit the specific instruction. Only solution I found was insert a new one and delete the older one.

  • When you have selected the line, press "enter" to edit the line.

    You can choose Prg to call a new underprogram, Glo to jump in the Global variables list or Val3 to choose a new Val3 instruction (press the first letter to select directly in the list).

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