Roboguide Moveto 7th Axis

  • Hello Fellow Robot Experts,

    I followed the 7th and 8th axis example that's built into Roboguide help. Example is shown in the attached picture. Now I am trying to use the Moveto feature but its not working and I don't know why. I have added the part to the tooling and the fixture. The orientation of the part as its held by the robot is the same as the orientation of the part on the fixture. I made a video of me trying to use the Moveto feature and it failing, its in the link. Any advice?

    New video by Robo Daddy



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  • Move to's use linear interpolation, try creating a one line program with a joint move to the point.

    Would that not mean that I need to jog the robot over to the point and teach it, defeating the whole purpose of Moveto?

  • I see this when J6 is above 180 degrees, or below -180 degrees. Other causes are when the location you are moving to is in singularity, or is out of reach.

    Neither of those are the case. I have moved the part around to see if that would fix it and it didn't.

  • Yes, but what is your robot currently at? The move to command typically doesn't like to work when the arm starts at a turn number that is not zero.

    Okay, I how would I go about confirming that is the problem? How would I position the robot?

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