Bit/Byte/word convert to integer value

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    I am using RT TOOL BOX 3 for programming Mitsubishi RV-7FRLM-D roboter. I need to convert bit/byte/word to integer. I dont know how is it possible to convert in this programming language(Melfa basic VI --> RT TOOL BOX 3). If anyone has an idea, please help me.

    Thank you.

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  • Hello

    Thank you for your replay.

    Actually I will use a sensor which measures the distance (analoge data measured by voltage level)and it will send to PLC. And in PLC it will convert to binary data and then it send to robot. Then Robot program will convert this binary data to integer and then Robot will go to that instraction(like distance). This is the think I need to do. Therefore I need to convert binary to integer.

    best regards

  • As I understand, you are going to get from the PLC number for example - 100 in binary - 1100100 ? Then you can just read it directly using M_In16 instruction like :


    M1 = M_In16(2200)

    PCurrPos = P_Curr

    PCurrPos.X = M1

    Mov PCurrPos

    GoTo *loop

    In this example you can move your robot in X axis from the PLC.

    If I got it wrong just say it and maybe we'll find another solution!

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