Staubli ts2-60 Drive axis error

  • Could you give us some context?

    Is this a 4 or 6 axis robot?

    Was it working before?

    What happened prior to the error?

    Something is not ok with the 2 and 4 axis of the robot. If it is a 4 axis robot could be the case of a drive malfunction.

    6 axis robots have 3 drives, and 4 axis only 2 drives.

    Each drive controls 2 motors, one minor and one major.

    6 axis is 1-4,2-5, and 3-6 and 4 axis is 1-2, and 2,4.

    Could be the case of having a problem with that drive and is causing problems on axis 2 and 4.

  • Hello,

    It is a 4-axis robot and not a new one. I got it from staubli and they say it worked. I just unpacked it and tried to move in manual mode, but from the beginning I had this error at power up.

    Best Regards

  • Hello,

    If you got it from Staubli, they should be able to help you, even replace parts if it comes to that.

    My advice is to speak directly to them, you should have some kind of "warranty" or something similar... It's not like you bought it from eBay :smiling_face:

  • Normaly, you receive the material (arm and CS9) with "Maintenance Plug".

    You can plug it replace of the WMS box to move the robot in manual and low speed.

    Can you trie it ?

    If the robot move correctly with it, perhaps you have a problem with Safety signals or configuration.

    How Stäubli service can be say that the robot worked ? They make tests or read log files ?

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