Call welding "JOB" from powersource

  • Hello guys!

    I usually deal with Fronius powersources. Fanuc has a nice optional function which makes it possible to start welding with reference to the "JOB" number.

    (JOBs are parameter collections saved in the powersource. Not just Amps and Voltage, but welding process and many more...)

    Now, I'm dealing with a plasma machine and I had to configure it as a Generic TIG with Wire powersource in the ArcTool settings.

    The machine is capable of several processes. (Plasma with/without wire, plasma spot and so on.)

    But when I use the weld start and weld end motion options inside a TP program I cannot choose an input format where I can refer to the "JOB" number.

    I have a group output configured to change the JOB nunber, but this way I have to set set it manually. Also if i want to work with jobs, I have to set downslope time manually too.

    (I did this with time before motion option)

    Using jobs is really beneficial foe me, because the powersource has way more modifiable parameters than the robot controller.
    Has anyone figured out hor to properly chose powersource JOBs, with weld start [*,*] and weld end [*,*] motion options?

    Thanks in advance!

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