Where to Get Baxter Robot Software

  • I am using a baxter manufacturing robot for my undergraduate research which was donated to my school by a company several years ago but it has not been used. When I started working with it I found out the hard drive is corrupted so I installed a new hard drive. Now I am looking to find where to get the software installation for the robot. I have gone through rethink's website and found there is an FTP site to install software but I do not have login access. It looks like there is no longer any support from Rethink as it sold the Baxter technology to cothink robotics in China. None of my emails have been getting responses so I figured I would ask here. I would appreciate any help as I am new to Baxter, thanks.

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  • Baxter was always manufactured by Rethink Robotics, and the company was sold to HAHN group, a German based company.

    If You had no success contacting Rethink, maybe You can try to speak with the parent company.

  • Thank you for your help. I already contacted the HAHN group and I was told that they only bought the Rethink name and the Sawyer robot technology and that the Baxter technology was sold to Cothink Robotics in China. I have not had any luck contacting any representative at Cothink Robotics so I am trying to find out if there is another way to get the software?

  • Understood.

    I was intrigued about Baxter not appearing in the new Rethink Robotics site, but I wasn't aware the company IP were sold to more than one groups.

    Hope You find what this software as fast as possible.

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