character-string type variable

  • hi

    Can someone tell me how I can use this: (Character string type variable ARRAY)

    Dim CMOJI(7) ' Define the character-string type variable CMOJI having the seven elements.

    Could you please tell me, for an example

    CMOJI(1)= abc --> is possible to write

    Or how to write this array element.

    Thank you

  • not familiar with Misubishi but in computer programming variable declaration should include type, something like

    Dim cmoji as string


    string cmoji


    dim cmoji() as char


    dim cmoji as char()


    KRL uses character arrays instead of string. and in KRL it is


    CMOJI[]="Hello"; CMOJI[] now contains "Hello"

    ABC=89 ; ABC now contains "Y" (ASCII value for Y is 89)

    CMOJI[1]=ABC ; CMOJI[] now contains "Yello" since only the first character was replaced (in KRL arrays start at 1)

    CMOJI[]="Hi" ; CMOJI[] now contains "Hillo" since only the first two characters are replaced. if CMOJI[] was a proper string and not a character array, then content would be "Hi"

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