Fanuc $SHELL_WRK.$CUST_START won't work

  • Hi all, I'm using a Fanuc CRX 10iA/L and am trying to use $CUST_START to start my program. I have the Program Select Mode set to Other and the Production Start Method set to Other, and the variable $SHELL_WRK.$CUST_NAME is set to the name of the program.

    However, when I set the variable $SHELL_WRK.$CUST_START variable to True, after a moment it switches back to False and gives the error "SYST-011 Failed to run task" with no other errors showing on the screen. It does this both when all functions have been aborted and when the program has been manually started and paused.

    Any ideas on what the issue may be? I'm relatively new to Fanuc, so there may be something simple that I'm missing.

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  • D'oh, I was trying to start the robot from an HMI but had it set to local. Switched to remote and everything works perfectly! Thanks!

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