Fanuc RJ3 Fence open problem

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm having a problem with my RJ3, I was fitting safety fences to the 2 fence circuits. After re connecting the 24v bridges I cannot get rid of the SRVO-230 and SRVO-237 errors.

    The 1amp fuse on the PCB with the fence connections had blown, after replacing this it seems like only one of the fence circuits are working. Both are receiving +24v but only one is activating the fence circuit and lighting the green LED on the PCB.

    Can anybody give me some advice on how to fix this? I was wondering if there's a way to bypass the fence circuit just so I can get the robot functioning again.

    Thanks, Matt.

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  • If you bridge the correct terminals and replace any blown fuses you should be golden. What do you mean both are receiving 24V? I thought you reconnected the bridges?

    I thought with the dual chain safety circuits, one was 24V and the other was 0V...

    Did you blow the 3.2A fuse on the servo amp?

    SRVO 230 is Chain 1 Abnormal 24V. SRVO-237 is Cannot Reset Chain Failure.

    Power Cycle is about your only option.

  • A chain failure cannot be reset with a power cycle. Select the Alarm Log within the ALARM menu. Press ACTIVE within the Alarm Hist screen and then select RES_1CH. Confirm with yes and press reset. That should reset both alarms.

  • Thanks so much for the responses.


    I mean with each bridge circuit when open one connection is 24v and the other 0v, when connecting both bridges all connections are 24v, just to show that it's getting the 24v signal.

    It was the 1amp fuse that I blew which is on the same circuit board as the fence connections, is there another fuse somewhere else that may have blown?


    I have tried resetting the alarms but after blowing the 1 amp fuse the alarm will not go away.

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