24V output is not coming from 1SQ board in Kawasaki Robot controller

  • Hi team

    I am working with Kawasaki Robot and doing connections with incremental type encoder through 1sq board. According to the manual I am not getting the voltage between pin no 27 & 28. I have given the supply externally with the help of SMPS and 24v led is getting on in board but when I am measuring the voltage from pin no 27 & 28, output is 0.

    Jumper setting is 1-3 & 2-4 respectively as I am using open type collector.

    If anyone know about this issue, so please help.

    Thank you in advance for your support.

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  • So what robot is it, Kawasaki produce many controllers and arms?

    What is the encoder, connection diagram, specifications?

    Have you checked the 1SQ CN3 harness?

    Have you made your own harness up or purchased from Kawasaki?

    When you rotate the encoder, does the led's flash to show pulse reading?

    Is the conveyor option enabled?

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