Fanuc HMI problem with SharePoint

  • Controller: R30iB Mate Plue

    iPendant: A05B-2256-C101#EMH

    When I use SharePoint 2007 to make my own HMI screen, the item's position is not same as seeing in SharePoint, does anyone know how to resolve :question_mark:

    Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

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  • Yes, things are different.

    When I do them, I have the robot in Roboguide. Have the page loaded into the robot

    Do a backup AOA

    Open the STM that is in My Workcells, that robot, and work with it there.

    Then you can do-copy very easily and see what it will look like in the robot.

    It's a pain, but.....

  • \

    yeah I'm doing so.

    But I think it such a strange problem.

    Thanks for your answer.

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