Cartesian protected space monitoring and Safety tool

  • Hi all!

    - Sunrise version 1.15 with HRC optional enabled

    I have successfully created 2 rows on SafetyConfigurations - Customer PSM table: each one of them has a "Cartesian protected space monitoring" targeting the First (and only) kinematic system and also has the "Stop 1 (on-path)" reaction. The difference between both is: one targets only the tool and the other one targets only the robot.

    When I make either the flange or the robot to enter the configured rectangular cuboid, the Customer PSM related row is violated and I need to enter KRF/CRR to reposition the robot. Everyone is happy here :p


    What I would like to do is to make the "Cartesian protected space monitoring" to take into consideration my safety tool, which is driving me crazy hahahah

    What I have done so far:
    - Made a simple tool with a single frame (default motion frame),

    - Checked the "Safety-oriented" checkbox for both the tool and its only frame

    - Added the Load Data values for the tool

    - Set the Radius for the frame

    - Selected the frame for all the properties available at the Safety property tab of the tool

    I followed the section 9.3.9 of the "Operating and Programming Instructions for System Integrators" - KUKA Sunrise.OS / KUKA Sunrise.Workbench to do all this to no avail.

    I (and a Master's Degree project) would be very grateful to any kind of light cast over this issue :smiling_face:

    Here are some screenshots of my current Safety and Tool setup related to this issue: (I uploaded to imgur as I can only upload 1 image here)

    Tanks in advance!

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  • massula

    Approved the thread.
  • Hello @henriquebg

    What is the problem you are posting? I haven't still clear about it.

    what does the "driving me crazy" mean?

    Are you looking for a method to achieve your goal or asking detail of HRC functions?

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