How would you rotate a group of points 90 degrees in the TCP Z axis without modifying the tool data?

  • So let me explain it a little more...

    I got a "Pack & Go" virtual cell from one customer that I used to program a set of points.

    The guy who prepared the "Pack & Go" did not include a small wall near the piece that needs to be worked so I have to rotate all the points +/- 90 degrees in the tool Z axis.

    But the tool is well defined and I don't want to rotate it.

    I could define another tool, send the robot to each point using that new rotated tool and then, store the point using the original tool, but... is there any automated way to do it?

    "Adjust robtargets" is exactly the opposite as that option maintains the robot position with a new tool and workobject...

    Well, now that I have written that, maybe I could just copy the current tool, rotate the current tool and then apply the Adjust robtargets with the old tool again... this should, in fact make it.

    As always thank you in advance. | Robots, CNC and PLC programming.

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  • mayby i´m missunderstanding something but why don´t you just rotate the points around z the 90° you need?

    cause from my understanding of your questions that seems to be what you want to do

  • Well, PoseMult can do what you want, but you would have to code and run it once for each point.

    Hm... do all the points you want to rotate share the same spatial orientation? That is, do they have the same .orient values? If so, you could PoseMult one point then do a mass copypasta to the others.

  • Because there are lots of points and I want to get it done automatically plus without changing the tool data.

    on the graphical side of Robotstudio select all the needed positions and then open rotate from the right-click

    keep reference on local and rotate around z, now each point will rotate in it´s place set amount around z axes

    with good nameing or all positions singled out in a few paths i can rotate 100s of positions in a couple of seconds and with rotateing the positions you don´t have to touch you tool

    it´s just not automatically, but few seconds manual work should be Ok

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