Connexion between WorkVisual and Kuka KRC4

  • Hi, i'm searching to connect my KRC4 controller V8.3.378 with WorkVisual 6.0.

    After setup my IP to fit with the range of the robot ip and connect my PC to KLI port with a RJ45 cable, i'm able to ping the robot.

    Following the KUKA recommandation and Workvisual tutorials, i should be able to connect my robot with WorkVisual.

    The problem appear when i try to connect and find the wws project : Browse by Project -> Search -> Filtering by IP (ip robot) -> No cell found.

    May be the problem come from my connexion, but i'm able to ping the robot. I try to follow different tutorials and this is the same result...

    Thx in advance,


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  • Hello Loucas,

    Did you restart your pc? Can sometimes help.

    Other way around is to connect your pc to service port of the robot : X43 but you MUST be in DHCP, your PC will get an ip adres from the KRC4.

    Then you should be able to configure your robot with workvisual.

    Best regards,

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