First run problems IRB 2400/10 with S4C+ M2000

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  • Today is a progress day,

    I did a C-START and tried to download new system via Service Port(Ethernet connection) but i can't send system to robot PC because every time i see "A system with the same name as the selected system already exist on the controller. Rename the system or remove the duplicate on the controller"

    I tried also add character after system number but nothing changed.

    Topic with the same problem here: [SOLVED] Can't download to controller

    I spent 2h to establish connection on serial to delete image.bin but i don't see this file finally.

    (i don't know why but DB9 connector pinout is from PC controller side (PIN2 RX, PIN3 TX, PIN5 GND) but documentation said PIN2 TX, PIN3 RX, PIN5 GND). Maybe that was my misunderstanding but with oscilloscope that was easy to resolve.

    Also FTP connection is working (don't type your system account with "HOST")

    Another hint, Robinstall is working on WIN10 but WIN11 have problem with unzipping system files.

    To do:

    What I'm doing wrong with sending system to robot PC controller? Maybe i need to use diskette to download a system into robot PC controller? Any hints?

  • Any suggestions? Over the weekend I will try to prepare the system on floppy disks and boot from them.

    If it will be works i need prepare new backup files with removed all connections to ext_axis?

  • summary:

    all is working:

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    what i did:

    -prepared and installed new system without external axis without waterjet options and floor type mounting, imported calibration data file.

    -limit switch circuit was opened, added jumpers on Panel Unit X1:X11-X12, X2:X11-X12 (as Skooter


    -Error20253 temperature too high on PTCEXT, (i added jumper on front of Harting Han (D1-D2) connector but after that i received a lot of system errors "wrong type of DClink and etc.",probably that was created by poor connection of jumper, removed jumper did shut down and system problem disappear. I changed place of jumper from Harting Han connector to XP33 plug and inserted a jumper between 4-5 PINs. PTCEXT changed signal from 1 to 0 and everything looks good.

    -in manual mode i had an error "Error 50204 Motion supervision tirggered for joint irb_2. i did Iowan suggestion ABB MOTION SUPERSIVION 50204 and it works. Do i need change gravity variable when i installed new system e.g. in MOC file?

    Skooter I owe you a case of beer for you help!

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