LNTK-022 No Tracking Hardware?

  • Hey everyone,

    Working with an LR Mate 200iD on a 30iB Mate Plus.

    We have a copy and paste system we're working on. We've taken backups from the original system that is onsite and working, put them on the new system, but we're running into an LNTK-022 error when trying to setup the tracking frame. Does anyone know what "tracking hardware" is that it thinks is missing? Our encoder and camera are both working. And to make it worse, we have 2 identical new cells that we are pasting to. It's working fine on one, and giving the LNTK-022 on the other. As best I can tell, everything right down to all of the vision setup is exactly the same between the 2. Just not sure what to look at next.

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  • Finally solved this. If anyone else is fighting the same problem, in this case it was an incorrectly setup encoder. Our RIPE network only has 2 robots and encoder 2 was setup to look at RIPE Master 3. A much better fault on Fanuc's part would be to say "Incorrect encoder setup", rather than the useless "No tracking hardware".

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