NACHI FD Controller IO to Numatics Valve Bank via Ethernet/IP

  • I 'inherited' a project where I have to get a conglomeration of old parts working into a bit of a material handling cell. I have a Nachi SRA210 manipulator with an FD11 controller and the robot has an end of arm vacuum fixture with a Numatics valve bank / communication module. I know how to program the robot for basic manipulation tasks and digital IO, but I'm lost when it comes to communicating with the Numatics device. It appears to use the Ethernet/IP cabling and ports. I've read the Ethernet/IP and Modbus programming manuals but of course none of the Nachi manuals have any sort of program examples to help explain the concept. I don't suppose any of you would have anything that would point me in the right direction regarding any reference material or examples? Thanks for your time.


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