RPS enable

  • Hai ,

    I'm trying to enable RPS in System switch.

    Its getting on.

    Then i,m going back & again checking the same setting & found its in Off condition only.

    I already worked with RPS function - There i didn't face this issue.

    Can u any one support

    How to turn on this RPS.

    I used AS language also to On RPS function - Still it remains same :thinking_face:

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  • Provide further information:

    - How is RPS being controlled, set - single command, program controlled.

    - At what point you say it turns off - provide evidence - ascertain when it changes state.

    Just stating going back & again and saying it is off helps no-one.

    What does going back & back again actually mean.

  • Hai ,

    Thanks for your reply.

    After doing setting in System switch … by pressing R I coming to the main page.

    Then again going to system switch to check

    That time found RPS in turned off.

    But now currently identify the issue.

    After doing dedicating signals in Dedicated Input for RPS … it got ok

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