DX200 SFT pulse limit issue

  • I have a 5 axis MPL80 for a palletizing cell and I'm running into an issue with a T-axis pulse limit when using an Rz shift value (-180 is what I want) that I can’t wrap my head around. If I recreate the movements I want with teach points it works fine but the same positions using shift instructions from P variables gives alarm 4980 ("Destination Pulse Limit") with the T axis highlighted. This happens both in MotoSim and on the physical robot. This whole program and cell ran perfectly with this code arrangement until I had to rotate the pallets 90 degrees in place (relative to the robot base) due to safety distance setback requirements.

  • AD
  • Sounds like you need another position to force the controller to calculate the direction you want. Not the direction that is the shortest.

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