R30İB Auto Mode

  • I did a quick test with a real robot to verify this. The speed is definitely limited when jogging the robot in Auto mode with an override of 100%. It looks like it is the same speed as with 100% override in T1.

    Thanks for clarifying that, I expected some sort of speed limitation relative to normal jogging speeds.

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  • I am reading all the written answers one by one and I am really reading a lot of useful information. I have no choice but to extend the mode selector switch on the cabinet to the operator. Thank you very much to everyone thanks to you I have read many useful shares.

  • Unless such a switch is attached to the pendant, this will only relocate the problem.

    But you can install the mode switch to a better place near the TP. Maybe not perfect but it might be an improvement. The only option from FANUC I know which gives you the possibility to have the mode selection directly on the TP is "TP Mode Select" (J768). But as far as I know this option is not compatible with the R-30iB controller.

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