Not getting input from from connected system(Not PLC)

  • Hi together.

    i have two program.

    1sr Programm: Home position, we are also using this program for system Intialization. in this program i have some Input siganl. for DI[426]. and i am getting this signal also from connected system.(Not PLC).

    Once the intialization done i have to start the PNS001. after starting this programm i am not getting any Digital Input (Same digital input(DI[426]) as in 1st Program(Initialization).

    if any one has idea to solved this issue please shar as soon as possible. my time is running away.

    Note: i am getting error PRIO-063 Bad I/O asg rack 89 slot 1. this error also occuring in Intialization programm but during that programm i am getting Digital Inputs from connected system.

    Kind regards

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  • These are two input DI 426, 427. i am using 426 in initailzation programm. and i am also getting this signal. but in PNS001 i am not getting any Digital INPUTS.

  • Hey Bruno Guedes,

    yes i am also using UI[8] to alled PNS programm. but it getting off after initialization . and after give order to Robot that run PNS001 it getting UI[8] getting On.

    Note: After the Initialization done i am getting error SYST -032 ENBL signal from UOP is lost. But actually UI[8] is ON.

  • Verify the PLC , if the signal UI 8 is fall when call another PNS . Check the condition of PLC e find what signal the PLC need.

  • hey i have compare the option that you mentioned above.

    In option 12 i have FALL. Should i change it to Rise?
    can you give shourt infor. about this option?

    Kind Regards

  • PMC is a optional resurce . It is a Ladder like PLC and is inside the controller . If your controller has the optional , you should look the configuration . Go to Menu> IO > PMC. There you can programming the logics using all signals in the system .

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