Mitsubishi RV-E3NLM error code

  • Hi there,

    I have a mitsubishi RV-E3NLM robot that was working fine until I got the low battery error code (Error 2300). So I changed the 6 batteries as recommended, being careful not to lose data. I reset the battery counter to 0 as well.

    Since then, when I turn on the CR-E356 control unit, I have error 0551 which is displayed: "Servo sys. error (A/D)" on the teach pendant and "A/D converter unusual" on the computer.

    the given solution is: "After turning off power, turn on the power again. (Note: The lowest digit means joint number)"

    Indeed, the robot restarts correctly after 1 to 2 attempts.

    Do you know how to fix this error so that it doesn't happen again?

    Does anyone have documentation containing all the error codes and their solutions for this type of robot?

    Thank you,


    (translated by google) ;)

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  • thank you for your reply.

    the error is repeated but without indicating to contact mitsubishi.

    Moreover, the last contact I had with mitsubishi, the person clearly told me that they "will no longer provide support for this very old generation".

    I am surprised because the robot is certainly a little over fifteen years old, but it is surprising that a company investing in this type of rather expensive material, no longer has support after 15 years. This is not the type of material that we renew every day!

  • Hello,

    I think I found it.

    By exchanging the control boards of servo motors 1 and 2, (boards in the central unit, on the left, with cooling fins), I got error 0552, i.e. on the 2nd motor. It seems to be the faulty card.

    The repairman tells me that the big condenser is swollen.

    All that's left is to troubleshoot and reassemble!

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