WV: Change "Downloaded Projects" location/path on PC

  • Hey,

    Does anybody know, how to change the location/path of the "Downloaded Projects" folder from WorkVisual - i.e. the folder that stores the temporary projects from the controller, when performing a "Browse for project". On my PC it is located in Documents\WorkVisual 6.0\Downloaded Projects but I'd like WorkVisual to reference it elsewhere, as this folder is currently inaccessible to me.

    My WV version is V6.0.22


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  • i do not see why user cannot access own files.

    if it is just the convenience of access, then command line like this should solve it

    SUBST Y: "C:\Users\MarleneHJ\Documents\WorkVisual 6.0\Downloaded Projects"

    but at any rate, start workvisual, go to settings and adjust path as you please

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  • Hi Panic Mode,

    Thank you for your response.

    I'm working on an employer-administered PC, and there has been pushed some changes to the security policy, hence the access issue. I can easily see/find the files myself in file explorer etc., but WorkVisual prompts access denied when trying to download project into the "Downloaded Projects" folder.

    I have copied the entire "WorkVisual 6.0" folder into a directory which is not tracked by the newly added security policy changes, and that should allow WorkVisual to access them. Then I changed the directories where possible, i.e. for "Project handling", "Online Workspace" and "UpdateManagement" as you also stated, which now allows me to at least use the Programming and Diagnosis tab. But there is no possibility to change the "Downloaded Projects" folder path in WorkVisual settings, and this means I cannot download projects in the Configuration and commisioning tab, which is super annoying..

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