Robotic prosthetic leg for a dog?

  • Hi there,

    This is a question that is on my mind for some time now and when I discovered this forum, I thought that it might be the best place to get some answers. :)

    I have a dog with an amputated right hind leg - the amputation has been done in a way that there is no bone left in his right hip, unfortunately, meaning no conventional prosthesis can be used. But the muscle remnant of the leg is clearly moving during various activities (peeing, scratching, digging, etc.) - so it is giving out signals to the missing leg. Would there be a way to develop a robotic leg prosthesis that would respond to these muscle signals? I know there are many robotic prosthesis projects for humans, but I have seen none so far for animals - is it because it would pose too many challenges, it would be too costly or maybe it is just not possible? What do you think?

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Robotic prosthesis for a dog?” to “Robotic prosthetic leg for a dog?”.
  • Hello there,

    I'm not know in this matter but I saw this thread and just had a peek online.

    I found this company, you probably found them already aswell.

    They have these kind of jackets whit a new support (where the leg should be) attached.

    Is this perhaps something you could use?

    I don't know if this is possible when there is no more bone left but there are people out there

    searching for solutions it seems.

    I do believe that there are solutions possible and pet-owners are willing to pay for these products.

    But not all owners wil be able ore wil be willing to pay such large amounts, so i think lots of companies aren't looking into this because of the high cost and low number of customers...

  • i am not sure powered bionic prosthetic would be suitable. humans have pretty hefty limbs but cats and dogs have very light legs that evolved for speed. i have seen some cases where the missing leg was replaced by wheel. it provides for great locomotion while remaining light and there is no need for charging batteries.

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