Panasonic welding robot - grayed out weld icon

  • Dear all,

    we are trying to commission Panasonic robot TA-1400 (2007) with Tawers welder.

    We have a problem of access to welding parameters. They are greyed out. We used User: robot, password 000

    In the manual it is stated that diameter of welding wire is set up in Set-->Weld....

    In other manual it sayes that you can do that in controller-->tool.....but it is also grayed out.

    Can you explain what can we do. We need to change to weld steel and 1.2 wire (now it is probably Stainless and 1.0)

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  • Problem solved.

    You need to close all programs and then you will be able to access the Weld parameters.

    Thank you for help.

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