User coordinate system

  • Hello,

    I am having problems with the user coordinate system.

    I set it up - origin, X and Y point, and when I move it manually it roughly follows the direction of the coordinate system.

    And there's the problem, the directions aren't exactly as I taught them. When I move the gripper in a certain direction it misses by about 1cm every 15 cms. I made sure I was accurate when teaching the points, I even redid it a couple of times.

    Though I managed to compensate for that mistake by offsetting in the opposite direction another problem emerged. It would follow the path but then It would suddenly change the orientation of the gripper while technically still following that direction. I am really lost at this point.

    To clarify, the user coordinate system is used for a palletizing operation. Maybe I have to do something differently because the system is at an angle around X any Y axis?

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • This sounds like a calibration/mastering issue.

    Does the robot follow a straight line, if you run it along an axis in WORLD coordinate?

  • There are 3 things you have to make sure for a robot to go where it's meant to go and how it's meant to go there.

    Correct Zero Mastering ("Home Position" for Motoman)

    Using Correct Tool and User Coordinate.

    Using Correct Motion Instruction/Jogging mode.

    User coordinates should be perfectly aligned with the physical object in space, with the Z axis perpendicular to what you have calibrated it to. If it isn't, check if you are jogging in "UserCoordinate" mode and if you are using the correct User Coordinate for that object.

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