IRC5 FlexPendant Check

  • I have one IRC5 controller with FlexPenedt Generation TPU3 ,but when I turn on the controller system bootup from flash disk and I can see the motor on button light is lit and blinking .

    in this case on the tech pendent is written ''booting in progress......."

    so I guess the problem is belongs to FlexPendet ,

    to check the FlexPenedt I went to another controller in another place , in that place I have IRC5 controller With FlexPendent Generation TPU2 .

    When I have connected my wrong TPU to this Controller ,the problem ''booting in progress.....'' is written on the FlexPendent screen again ..

    but my question:

    According the test procedures that I have done ,Can I say ,the problem is completely comes from FlexPendent and should be change with new one ?

  • I would not say that definitely, because you connected it to an older robot controller which supports the older tpu. Check the connection and the status leds in the controller. With the power off, you can carefully open the pendant and check the connections inside.

  • Have you tried holding down the Stop button and programmable key 1 at the same time?

    Hold them down until the pendant restarts, this will flash the pendant and it will upload a new image from the PC.

  • Not, I didn't check the procedure that you have described .

    I just hold down stop button with Programmable Key 4 ,to check pendent goes to calibration screen or not ? after that pendent said ''erasing calibration data '' but unfortunately nothing happened after that .

    normally after that we can calibrate touch screen and also joystick and some other setting .

    Let to check this procedures !!!

  • 1st, there isn't some third party cable, or cable reel, used is there? If so try an ABB cable.

    2nd, if you want to reflash the pendant as DAMO suggests, have someone cycle power to the control WHILE the stop AND programmable button number 1 are held down. It is suggested to hold the two buttons down until red text indicates

    Image is not present. Downloading start.

    Release the buttons and wait for the pendant to complete the reflash. Alternatively the reset button on the back of the pendant may be pushed whilst holding stop AND programmable button number 1 down and wait for the red text.

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