Is it possible to extend the world zones table?

  • Hi all,

    I need 23 world zones and it seems I can use only 20 of them.

    Those are static world zones as, are positions that help me know where the robot is and allow several operations like releasing the clamp. Being sure robot is at HOME or maintenance positions, ...

    I could try to check the position comparing the current position to the point that would activate the world zone... but that would make it all much more complicated/tedious to maintain.

    There is no multitasking either so I can't keep those comparisons running in a different task.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Hey,

    In case this helps, here's an example of how to do a WZHomeJointDef as a power on event:

    Make sure to set rWorldZone() as a power on event. (Controller > Event routine > New Event Routine > Power On.

  • verove Thanks for your post...

    But it has nothing to do with my question. :winking_face:

    I always set the World Zones at the power on event to ensure that, at the first motors on I will know where the robot is.

    This said, I was asking if it was possible (or not) to increase the limit of 20 world zones active at the same time.

    I guess I will have to stop setting the world zones as static and will have to make them volatile and activate them only when needed.

    And at the power on event do a cycle to find out the ones active and keep the signals on or off depending on that state. That is a big amount of extra work, change the poweron routine and then activate and deactivate the world zones every time the program is about to enter one or finished using one...

    I guess I could create a function to activate a bit to "IWillOccuppyThatZoneSoon", that function should activate the world zone and then after working in that place calling another function to deactivate the

    IWillOccuppyThatZoneSoon and the WZ itself.

    I prefer having WZ's active all the time so even if an operator moves the robot manually the protections related to the WZ's are working, but given there is a limit of 20 WZ's active at once...


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