PLC for integration with Fanuc robots

  • Hello guys,

    we are in the early stages of becomming a Fanuc integrator and I just want to hear some recomendations on what brand and type of PLC should I chose for future projects? What do u guys usually go for?



  • AD
  • North America = AB

    <>= North America = Siemens

    It might not be the best choice, but that's the industry standard.


    The nice thing about going the AB route is that you'll be using Ethernet/IP which only requires a PAC. No additional hardware needed like ProfiNet, which is the fieldbus of choice with Siemens.

  • AB is a brand i suppose? And PAC?

    We are based in europe so siemens would be the way to go probably..?


    AB is Allen-Bradley. PAC is Product Authorization Code. This is a code generated by Fanuc if you want a new option on your controller.

    I am also from Europe and I never got in touch with PAC codes. When ordering a new option it requires to create an AoA backup, send it to the local Fanuc rep and they create a new image including the new option.

    We normally work with Siemens and sometimes with AB. It also depends on the customer requirements which could be something different.

  • I would say there is no general answer on this question. Ease of use depends on your experience, what you want to achieve, project requirements etc.

    I don't know the prices for all the different options. However, you should not only consider the prices for hardware and software options on the robot side. Also consider the costs for the controller, IO modules, software and license costs, etc.

  • I use OMRON Machine Automation Controllers and I am really very happy with their controllers. Ethernet/IP is our communication choice and the intergration is really smooth and nice. I am very pleased with sysmac studio suite and all omron tools.

    Siemens controllers are really overpriced for what they offer and we really found some omron entry level products offering twice as much in comparison to their siemens equivelants. Maybe because omron is trying to get a bigger cut from the europian pie ? Maybe. I also find TIA portal a bit overwelming and bloated in comparison to sysmac which is a bit more straightforward on what you want to do.

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