Kawasaki UX120 error -1215

  • Hello

    I have recently started working on a kawasaki UX120 as a school project, the controller i use for it is a multi fuction display.
    The moment it is turned on I receive the message Error -1215 INTER-BUS status error. No parameter.
    How do i resolve this problem?

    I have no prior experience working with this kind of machinery.

  • To remove the error you either need:

    a. To connect the interbus board with known network nodes and update the network parameters.

    b. Disable the interbus board from communicating.

    Assuming you have no known nodes, network peripherals you can connect up to and I'm also assuming no previous knowledge about interbus networking, then it leaves option b.

    In order for option b., I will need a recent file save, which I will modify and then you will need to reload the file I send you.

    So you need to do some background reading and learn how to save and load files, either using a compatible PCMCIA card, or by using one the terminal editors, RS232 cable or ethernet cable and a laptop to save and load.

    Have a look here regarding terminal editors to download, I would recommend the KRTerm and have a look at the included setup guide and see if you can get a laptop successfully connected.

    When you can, we should be able to get the error removed for you.

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