Kawasaki D Serises Controller comunication with LabView

  • Hello,

    I am a student of Lodz University of Technology.

    I am now learning how to program Kawasaki robots.

    I need to control two Kawasaki FS60 robots equipped with a D series controller with a LabView software.

    In LabView I want to generate a trajectory of robot's movement, so I would split the path into a points and I want to send the point's coordinates to the robot system.

    My main problem is to establish a comunication over a LabView (server/master side) and both of a robots (client/slave side).\

    What commands should a robot program include to recive data from another system? What should look like a data that I want to send to a robot?

    I have already established a communication between PC and controler using KRTerm.

    Program transcription:


    LMOVE p01

    UNTIL var=1

    Now I need to replace point's corsinates using LabView software. Is this possible?

    Seccond approach to the problem is to send command "DO LMOVE (coordinates of the point I need to move)"

    Thank you for your help

    Best regards

  • Welcome to the fourm......... :beerchug:

    So how much Kawasaki Robot training have you had?

    What you are intending to do requires some real solid product knowledge already and the forum is intended to provide assistance and not training.

    Especially on a live robot, as the robot will move to whatever values you assign to a location and could cause collisions, harm or injury, so anytime you are using a PC to instruct ANY industrial robot to move, ALL safety precautions for that product MUST be read, understood and adhered to without fail.

    These are not toys, so you really need to be clued up on this aspect before using it.

    The University should have a duty of care to ensure students are suitably trained.

    Putting this to one side though, some bedtime reading for you to look at.

    Manuals for you to read up on:

    1. AS Programming Language Manual commands.

    - POINT

    - TRANS

    - SHIFT

    - DECODE


    2. What communication path are you intended to use to send/receive data.

    - TCP/IP Communication Manual (requires ethernet board option installed on D Controllers to use).

    - HOST Communication Manual (RS232 communication).

    In short you are looking at Labview sending data that can be read and understood by the robot.

    - How you are intending to send the data to the Kawasaki - what protocol and hardware.

    - A program must be written to establish a communication path in the Kawasaki also in Labview.

    - A program requires to read the received data, and DECODE this data.

    - The data then needs to be allocated to a location using POINT or directly using TRANS commands.

    - The robot can then move to these positions.

    You may wish to consider looking at using the DLL Kawasaki provides instead, but may complicate matters or deviate away from your intended task.

    This DLL can be used in Windows via windows application to communicate with a Kawasaki Robot also.

    But this DLL would also require a windows application to be written also.

  • I've just found Labview already has a tookit developed for Kawasaki.

    No idea about how good it is, but it boasts that it is fully developed.

    Can you not see if you can get hold of it, may assist you with your project.

    Robotics Toolkit for Kawasaki - NI

    Obviously, it would possibly take all the fun out of learning the Kawasaki.

  • Thank you very much for help.

    Your first post is very helpful to me.

    Probably I will do this an old fashioned way to learn something ;)

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