KSS 8.2.14 to KSS 8.6: program instruction compatability

  • I have a customer who is cloning an old machine and updating the arm to a new KRC4 with KSS 8.6

    The old system has a controller running the following version of software








    The way it has been presented I believe that there are some motion and IO instructions that will not be recognized past 8.4 or 8.5

    Any knowledge from prior experience or helpful documentation would be greatly appreciated. I am currently studying up on my.kuka in the 8.6 manuals.

  • AFAIK, just about any KRL written for KSS 8.2 will work under KSS 8.6. The only things that won't that I recall offhand is some of the CWRITE file-access commands. Some motion data may be incompatible, but IIRC they are compatible going "up" KSS versions, just not "down".

    This assumes that both robots have the same KOPs installed -- obviously a GripperTech command won't work on a robot that doesn't have GT installed.

    Hm... now, it's possible that there might be breaking changes in the Inline Forms code between older and newer versions of Gripper and SpotTech. KUKA generally tries to avoid that, but eventually it happens. ExpertTech has probably undergone the most changes, so any custom code relying on it may need to be refactored.

    SafeOperation has to be set up on a case-by-case basis regardless, but the underlying architecture should be the same.

    • Helpful

    About standard inline formulars, older ones, from KSS 8.2 can be recognized by newer KSS, no problem.

    But I had a very particular problem.

    If you simple upload old program on new robot and don't change anything, ILF will maintain their old syntax and the robot will execute the program without complains.

    But let's say you need to retouch a point or change any other ILF. These modified ILFs will assume the new KSS syntax, so You will have a mishmash of old and new ILF styles on the same program.

    For the robot, this isn't a problem.

    But if You take this program and try to upload it on a third party software that expects a syntax in strictly accordance with one or another version of KSS 8.x You will be on trouble.

  • Hello, let me reply to this clear and complete post.

    I've write a program that fix the compatibility between the older and newe version, it read both files (.dat and .src), then reconvert all in the required destination format.

    It adjust all incompatibility and the operator can set some rules to adjust (if needs) the required usertech.

    Is a one-click program converter.


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