Fanuc Collisions - Roboguide

  • Hello guys,

    Is it possible to use DCS in roboguide in order to check if the robot is in a certain zone without the alarm ? i want the robot to enter the zone and keep running, at the same time i want an output telling me that the robot is in the zone. Actually, when robot enter a DCS zone it stops with an alarm.

    If not, is it possible with another option, other than DCS ?

    Thank you.

  • Hello Lemon,

    Yes it possible, you can do instruction belows:<

    1- define your DCS Zone (exemple DCS Number 1).

    2- in "STOP TYPE" ( dcs parameters) : chose"Not Stop "

    3- in your I/O configuration parametres, define the input that your want to use, for exemple 1, as below

    RAck = 36, Slot = 6, Stat =1

    it's all, you will see that if the robot is in your DCS zone it will not stop and the input number 1 will turn to OFF.

    off course, if you want to use an output you can use INTERCONNECT DI->DO

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