PMT vs relative job

  • Fresh YRC1000 gantry welding robot with QSet.

    The question is whether to make the welding jobs as relative jobs or as pulse jobs, keeping in mind that if something should happen to the tool (collision or tourch swap) in the future, then I need to get the welds corrected and robot back in action in as little time as possible.

    Using relative jobs is one way to get my welding positions correct after new tool data is applied.

    Another way is to have pulse jobs (which I prefer) and if tool data should change then I could use PMT function to correct the welding positions.

    Are there any downsides to using PMT function? I would imagine they work the same when it comes to accuracy.

  • Hi There aren't any problem to use PMT function when your tool data change.

    This function is special for this work and the jobs of Yaskawa Q-Set device work with this function too.

    You can use it without any problem.

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