Multilayer function

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    If you have a workpiece that need welding more than one layer you need to use Multilayer.

    When you need more accuracy in welding of each layer the Multiplayer can help.

    Multiplayer use ComArc too, you teach one pass of welding and for other pass the ComArc and Multilayer can help you for find other pass.

  • If there is very little welding that needs to be done in multilayer, then another option would be to program multiple points on the weld and then to use GETS PXxxx $PX040 at every position to store the ComArc correction value to a new position variable. After each pass you would modify these position variables to shift the next pass into the correct position.

    The weld itself can be programmed as one weld and you can then run it in a loop - first pass using ComArc and storing the variables and next 2 passes without ComArc using the position variables for shifting.

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